Organization, management and control model and Ethics and financial integrity

The process of adopting and implementing the Organization, management and control model (legislative decree 231/201) began in 2017 and the model has been applied since the beginning of 2018.

The application of the Model not only allows COMAC to benefit from the exemptions envisaged by the Decree, but also helps it to improve its management procedures and ensure that its business operations are conducted in a correct and transparent manner.

Comac has assigned to a supervisory board the task of overseeing regulations of the Model of Organisation, check its real effectiveness and appraise the need for possible updates.

In 2018 the company has developed an Ethics and financial integrity which defines the relationship with all the stakeholders, internal and external, primary and secondary.




  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • Trust
  • Privacy protection
  • Safety and health of workers and general working conditions
  • Transparency and completeness of information