The 2019 edition of Brau Beviale, scheduled in Nuremberg from November 12th to 14th marks another stage over Comac path in applying the Industry 4.0. At the CFT Group stand, Hall 7, Booth 341, a new technology that will be installed on board the K1 and K2 kegging machines.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_images_carousel images=”16490,16497,16504″ img_size=”large”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The 2019 edition of Brau Beviale, scheduled in Nuremberg from November 12th to 14th marks another stage over Comac path in applying the Industry 4.0. At the CFT Group stand, Hall 7, Booth 341, a new technology that will be installed on board the K1 and K2 kegging machines. As of the commissioning, augmented reality will be implemented in order to guarantee customers a higher ease of use.

We have talked about it with Alessandro Doglio, product manager and member of the Comac team who has manufactured and tested this technology.

Hi Alessandro, congratulations on the project to you all! First of all, could you please explain, in simple words, what is meant by “augmented reality”?

“Augmented reality is a system that allows the usage of some devices, such as smartphones and tablets, through specific apps, that are able to display additional multimedia content, compared to what we see in front of our eyes. With a quip, we could say that augmented reality enhances sight and the other senses”.

Concretely, how does augmented reality apply to Comac machines?

Kegging machines K1 and K2 will be equipped with a QR code that, when framed with a smartphone or a tablet, via an opening of an app, will allow customers to access a series of functions:

–          Self-installation – Customers will be guided step by step in setting their newly-commissioned machine, choosing from simple menus the specifications of their plant (beer type, keg type, recipes and much more).

–          Selection of machine points of interest – Based on needs, sections that are considered among the most important can be singled out. For each of them, related manual pages and videos can be accessed, as for example for mounting and and maintenance instructions.

–          Troubleshooting self-diagnostics and guided resolution for the most frequent issues”.

What are for the customers the main advantages of this technology?

“Mainly, there will be a saving in terms of costs, augmented reality will allow everyone to know the best features of their plant and autonomously fix the small maintenance issues, without expenses due to a call for a technician on site. Moreover, Our Service & Customer Care Department will be at our customers’ complete disposal in case of need.

Also, it will not be necessary to print the entire manual, because the customer will only read on screen the necessary lines: a green-oriented choice.

What will the next steps about the progress of augmented reality be like?

After the application on K1 and K2, we aim at applying it on the new Smartcan 8-1, the first product born from the cooperation with CFT and our spearhead at Brau Beviale”.

In conclusion, during the test phase, what have been the first reactions?

“Augmented reality has been previewed by our agents at the Cibus Tec fair in Parma, and everyone has appreciated the ease of use of the application. A satisfaction that is to be shared with the Automation, Commissioning and Service Team, who has contributed to the success of the project: even the most advanced technology cannot do without the human factor!”.


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