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It is normal, natural, physiologic  I would say, pull the sums at the end of the year… look back and see what we have done, what new paths we have taken, which meetings have been important, which have failed. Moreover, in the East part of the World, is tradition pay off all debts by December 31 to start the new year in the best way. Let’s remain in the East, just for a moment… just to remember that the year now ending is the year of the Horse and COMAC was born in 1990, the year of the Horse… precisely.


It has been a magical and lucky year full of news and changes, as expected from the best astrologers, Chinese and not, which saw COMAC present on several fronts, combative, determined, winning, like a true thoroughbred.


2014 will surely be remembered as the year of Manchester: a complete high speed keg line manufactured for Heineken: 900 kegs per hour of 50 liter each and 600 kegs per hour of 100 liter each.


But  we cannot avoid to mention other important achievements such as the many plants for the CCM group in Mexico, installations in USA (Lost Coast Brewery, Great Divide Brewing Company, Surly Brewing Company …), complete lines in Brazil for the IMBEV Group, Eredan in Russia and many others.


Among the innovations, we can not forget the changes in the technical department that is now going to design entirely in 3D with the program solid works.


New people have been employeed in COMAC and two children were born in this year of the Horse and someone else is coming for 2015. Our Alice got married, Aurora (do you remember?) arrived among the top tens in the International Unicycle Championships in Canada, Alessio and Rachele are keeping on with enthusiasm their highschool in the United States, our Engineer Giacometti became grandfather and the great Kuaska, aka Lorenzo Dabove, has joined our team.



In 2014 COMAC took part in many events and always as official player: the most important were the CBC in Denver, FOODTECH in Seoul, FOOMA Japan in Tokyo, EurHop in Rome, Brussels Beer Challenge in Lauven and Brau Beviale in Nuremberg.


Team Comac


Many travels were done to the “conquest of the East” to penetrate the Asian markets, always attentive to the western technological innovations…


Everything is ready to face the 2015 at the best possible way, the year of the Sheep, the meek and docile animal, able to put to use what started by the fiery and bizarre horse: in 2015 COMAC will celebrate its 25 years, and all of you are invited to celebrate with us, because certainly there will be many surprises!



2015 Pecora


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