On our blog’s last post we anticipated that Comac will bring at the fair four machines. Let’s get to know them better and outline the features, before you can see them live.

[/vc_column_text][vc_images_carousel images=”17539,17546,17553,17561″ img_size=”large”][vc_column_text]While introducing our stand at the 2017 Drinktec edition, on our blog’s last post we anticipated that Comac will bring at the fair four machines.

Let’s get to know them better and outline the features, before you can see them live.

We go first with the two monoblocks that stand as an absolute innovation in Comac’s range: CASSIOPEA 32206-E for glass bottles and PHOENIX 284-E for cans.

As the last letter in their names suggests, in fact monoblocks 32/20/6 CASSIOPEA 32206-E for glass bottles and 28/4 for cans PHOENIX 284-E are the first ones of the new Comac full electronic monoblock family, at the top of the production range.

CASSIOPEA 32206-E for glass bottles is equipped with electronic filling valves, while PHOENIX 284-E for cans is equipped with electronic and volumetric filling valves. Both types of valves guarantee the best performance in terms of filling speed, level and quality parameters (oxygen pick up as first).

In CASSIOPEA 32206-E, the filling level in bottles is determined by means of an electronic probe and this is an important innovation because the probe is movable inside the valve – The probe is inserted in the bottle just during filling, in this way, if the bottle explodes during pressurization, the probe will not be damaged.

Both types of valves do not require a bottle lifting cylinder, thus substantially reducing the complexity and cost of the systems.

The brand new monoblocks CASSIOPEA 32206-E and PHOENIX 284-E have some features in common:

–          They are totally “gear free”, both for rotation and height adjustment: everything is moved by means of servo motors electronically synchronized

–          The motors include a lot of interesting features such as electronic clutches (based on the torque real time measuring), safe limited speed in jog mode, safe “freeze” position for the starwheels changeover etc.

–          The electric consumption is reduced by over 50% compared to traditional monoblocks.

As far as the PHOENIX 284- E is concerned, the seamer is set in a complete new “totally open” version, which simplifies the cleaning procedures while electronically synchronized with the filler as well.

Aren’t you now curious to see them operating? You only have to come to our stand Hall B4, stand 306 at Drinktec. We will be happy to answer all your questions about these new machines.

As always, keep an eye on our blog and on our Facebook page if you want to have an anticipation on all the other Comac machines at Drinktec 2017. See you soon!


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