Many companies offer bottling lines, but only a few are able to ensure the highest quality with any type of beverage (wine, beer, water or soft drinks) before, during and after bottling. Comac is one of them.

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Bottling of beverage is a very delicate phase because it must ensure that the liquid perfectly maintains all its properties. This is why you need a specialized bottling line manufacturer, capable of offering cutting-edge and efficient systems.

Comac has been producing high-quality bottling lines since 1990, handling beverages with the utmost respect and minimizing waste associated with the packaging phase. In addition to fillers, accessory machines are also available to complete and enhance your production line.

The wide range of Comac machines includes:

Bottling machines

Comac manufactures various beverage bottling machines, all automatic and divided into three categories, based on production capacity:

  • Up to 6,000 glass BPH
  • Up to 12,000 glass BPH
  • Over 12,000 glass BPH

Bottling systems up to 6,000 glass bottles/hour

These systems are able to automatically rinse, fill and cap glass bottles of any shape, reaching a maximum of 6,000 bottles per hour.



Bottling systems up to 12,000 glass bottles/hour

These are automatic systems capable of filling up to 12,000 bottles per hour with beverages of all kinds, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. These systems are manufactured with high-quality technologies and components and are developed in collaboration with the CFT Group.


Bottling systems over 12,000 glass bottles/hour

Also in this case, the systems, manufactured in collaboration with the CFT Group, carry out each phase, from rinsing to capping, completely and automatically. This type of system meets the highest production requirements, with an output starting from 12,000 bottles/hour; it is therefore designed for mass production.

As for the other two types, these machines are equipped with an operator panel that allows to control all operating parameters of the Comac system.


Saturation unit

The saturation unit is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and is used to deaerate the water and consequently carbonate it to obtain sparkling water.

The deaeration tank, the carbonation device and the stabilization/storage tank are the main components of this instrument.

Water, introduced into the first tank from above, is nebulized therefore it expels all its gases to facilitate the carbonation phase.

Excess carbon dioxide from the saturation tank is also channeled into this tank. Furthermore, CO2 facilitates deaeration and triggers a slight pre-carbonation.

Next, the carbonation device injects carbon dioxide into the water, to make it carbonated. The amount of CO2 to be introduced is regulated by a modulating valve, which allows for different degrees of carbonation.

Finally, the carbonated water is sent to the stabilization/storage tank, kept under pressure with CO2, and sent to the filler.


Premix unit

A beverage bottling line may include a premix unit which, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, deaerates water, adding syrup and subsequently carbonizing water to obtain the desired carbonated beverage.

The process is very similar to that of water. The difference is in the addition of the syrup when creating the beverage.

The syrup tank receives the concentrated syrup (50/60 brix) and then the water/syrup mixing unit measures out the water and the syrup according to the recipe.


Heating and cooling tunnel

Heating and cooling tunnels are necessary to bring the previously bottled cold or hot product to room temperature.

Both tunnels are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and the tanks that feed the upper showers are anchored inside them.

The command and control devices for both the mechanical cycle and the temperature are located on the outside.

The bottles rest on a chain inside the machine and, by means of an external gear motor, move to the various sections where they are sprayed by the upper showers that heat or cool the drink, until the desired room temperature is reached at output.

All the tanks are equipped with side access doors which allow for cleaning and periodic maintenance.


Tunnel pasteurizer

The tunnel pasteurization unit is designed to pasteurize the bottled product and is available in different sizes.

Inside the machine, bottles are placed on a chain and, as they progress through the various sections, they are sprayed by the upper showers, at different temperatures, until they reach the output. Bottle transit speed can be adjusted from an operator panel, which also allows to choose the duration of the cycle.

The machine is equipped with an automatic system applied to the pre-pasteurization and pasteurization areas which prevent product over-pasteurization in case the internal conveyor stops.

If you don’t know which machine to add to your system, contact our professionals to help you create the bottling line that best suits your requirements.


Rely on Comac to complete your perfect product, just as you envisaged it.

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