The microbrewery sector has long been one of the most interesting beer sectors and Comac, always attentive to market trends, has been focusing on this sector for some time. Discover our microbrewery plants, designed to be turn-key installed in small and medium-sized businesses.


Brewing beer has become enormously popular in recent years, involving thousands of master brewers and simple enthusiasts all over the world.

Would you like to open a microbrewery, or renew your brewing machinery? A microbrewery plant from Comac gives your beer the red carpet treatment.

Comac plants designed for microbreweries

The semi-automatic and automatic machines from the Craft Breweries line are suitable for kegs, glass bottles and cans. Let’s take a closer look.

Bottle plants (up to 5,000 BPH) 

All beer bottling plants are equipped with a rinsing system with mechanical clamps, a filling system with electro-pneumatic isobaric valves and a capping system. They are installed on a single support structure equipped with stainless steel perimeter guards.


microbreweries plants bottles

Can plants (up to 6,000 CPH) 

Equipped with a filling system with electro-pneumatic isobaric valves (or gravity in the case of the SmartCan 8-1) and a seaming system, canning systems are also installed on a single support structure equipped with stainless steel perimeter guards.

microbreweries plants cans

Keg plants (up to 40 KPH) 

With one or two processing heads, keg plants run both the washing and filling phases.

microbreweries plants kegs

Regardless of the type of plant chosen, we can assemble and guarantee a turn-key installation that gives you piece of mind.

Once installation is complete, you will continue to sleep peacefully, because all Comac machines are covered by 24-hour service support, Mondays through Saturdays.

Why microbreweries choose our plants

Craft beer brewing is an art. Comac commitment and expertise ensures that every bottled, kegged or canned beer is a work of art.

For over thirty years we have been making sure that your product is exactly how you want it, providing the perfect machinery for your microbrewery.

Why choosing Comac? Here are some strengths that make a difference:

  • adaptation to spaces and to other existing machinery;
  • quality of beer that remains intact during packaging;
  • significant reduction in product waste;
  • high-quality construction materials.

Rely on the experts to fulfill your dreams.

Raise the bar on quality with Comac

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