Beer is my comfort food


The word comfort food is in the English dictionaries since the Seventies but this notion, in Italy, has been making its way for some years, due to dedicated blogs and catalogues. Comfort food, as you can guess, is the food that conveys human warmth, which is maybe connected to a good memory or to family traditions. It is not per se the best food but it’s the one we eat when we need cuddles.

Everyone has their personal comfort food – sweet or salty, easy or difficult to prepare – while every beer passionate has for sure a comfort beer, to honour an unforgettable trip, a special dinner or simply a relaxing moment.

These days, for instance, for many soccer supporters the combination beer in front of TV with some friends and a soccer match of UEFA Euro 2016 is certainly a winning idea!

What’s more, for those practicing a sport, there’s also a good news: a few months ago, on the occasion of the meeting “Beer and health, beer and sport – possible or impossible matches?” sponsored by Unionbirrai (the brewers’ national cultural association for promotion of beer tasting), Mr. Luca Gatteschi, the doctor of Italy’s national soccer team, has given the green light for a low consumption of beer, away from physical strain. “Due to a lower content in sugar and a higher percentage of magnesium and phosphorous, calcium and vitamin B complex, beer is a valid and complete integrator” declared the doctor, who is also a beer enthusiast.

Moreover, green light has been given to craft beers in particular: their secret lays in cereals and hops, due to their antioxidant properties. One alcohol unit is the recommended quantity per day (equaling a can or a 33 ml bottle) for women, and two for men, with average alcoholic strength.

And how about you? What is your “comfort beer”, and what is the reason? Tell us in the comments, we would like to read your opinion!


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