Our blog opens the year 2019 with fresh news – As of Nov, 05 Andrea Morali joined the Comac team as the unit manager of the Procurement, Spare Parts Service and Customer Care Department.

Our blog opens the year 2019 with fresh news – As of Nov, 05 Andrea Morali joined the Comac team as the unit manager of the Procurement, Spare Parts Service and Customer Care Department.

So, we talked to him to learn more about challenges this department is going to meet and allow Andrea to introduce himself to all customers and suppliers.

Hi Andrea, welcome and congratulations for your appointment. What are your impressions about Comac? 

“I have been fairly impressed by the attention paid to all collaborators, even just the idea to call the people so, instead of employees, shows that the company strongly believes in its values. It is not obvious, for such a big and world-famous company”.

What have been your previous job experiences and what has pushed you to choose Comac as your new adventure? 

“After my studies at a technical IT school, I have worked for almost 20 years in the bottling sector, holding several positions in the same company: from customer care, to a project on blower machine for PET bottles , to Service Area Manager for Russia, Middle East and Turkey. Over the last five years I was at the head of Sales for the Spare Parts Department – I like to meet challenges and this is the exact reason that has taken me here”.

In your opinion, what is your best skill and what do you think you can bring to the Procurement, Spare Parts Service & Customer Care Department? 

“I think I have some good practical sense and I am flexible, I like to “get my hands dirty” – I asked to stay for some time at our production workshop, to better learn all technical aspects of our machinery. I hope to make my experience available to others in the service sector, a department that I have already found is well organized.

What are the challenges that the department shall face in the upcoming year? 

“The Spare Parts Department shall be much more proactive. Offering a simple supply service is not enough, we must aim at customer loyalty. Selling a plant is the starting point of a customer’s experience and not its end point. A flexible and dynamic process is essential towards all the customers that choose us. It must also be a defined one, in order to offer the maximum quality and efficiency. Personally, it will be very stimulating to face all the challenges of the procurement dep. that I hadn’t tackled so far”.

If you define yourself by three adjectives, what would these be? 

“I am a forthright person and I am determined to reach the goals, but I am above all a curious person – The interest, the know-more-about the facts, the operation of machines and all organizational processes are fundamental skills, if I hadn’t them I would have completely been in the wrong job.


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