There is even Comac among the “Masters of Landscape” the review that, as of last week through September the 25th, defines Bergamo as the green international capital.

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Our company is among the first 19 local businesses that took part in the first edition of the “Green Company Award“, a contest organized by the association Arketipos, the Municipality of Bergamo and Confindustria Bergamo (the Italian employers’ federation), under the sponsorship of ATS Bergamo, in the framework of the project “Workplace Health Promotion” and in cooperation with the historical lifestyle magazine ABITARE, to enhance the companies that have created green spaces within.

Comac, who since always has focused on its employees well-being, with its awareness on the environmental issues, has presented the project of its green multi-purpose area, designed by architect Michela Lombardoni, starting March 2016.

As it can be read on the panel of the exhibition, opened in the beautiful space of the Sala delle Capriate at Palazzo della Ragione, in the Upper Town:

Adjacent to the new home for logistics and administrative offices, the garden is connected to the indoor fitness area, dedicated to employees. The design reflects and translates the functional input by the client company and by the genius loci, i.e. the spirit of place itself.

The garden has been designed for various functions:

1. Smart Area (Wi-Fi hotspot)

2. Relaxation area/sand (sensory, bare feet)

3. Relaxation area/water (reading, chatting)

4. Meditation area (with surrounding greenery providing intimacy)

5. Installation area

6. Catering area (where meals already reserved at the company canteen are served)

Symmetries, asymmetries, axial pattern, optical cones, an “imaginary bridge”, accompanying people on a relaxing amble from the entrance to the end of the garden.

The green area is available for all Comac employees during business hours (while working or for a short break) and for the future, during festive days for private events.

The main feature of the garden structure is its wave shape that does not clearly split spaces creating, instead, a path where essences, colours and sight of the multiple types of plants are discovered by whoever gradually approaches the garden.

If this sounds interesting to you, the exhibition dedicated to the finalists of the Green Company Awards project remains open until Sept. 25th, with the following visiting times: Monday: closed, Tuesday to Friday: 9.30-18, Saturday-Sunday & holidays: 9.30-19.

Comac is waiting for you!


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