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Today we talk about Stefano Gotti. At Drinktec 2013 will be your guide in the dark room of virtual reality.

Tasks: Process Manager and IT


  1. Problem Setting / Problem Solving: he is in charge with the business processes of all the departments, analyzes any organizational problems and looks for the best solutions. His modus operandi refers entirely to the Toyota Production System to streamline business workflow.
  2. Document Manager: he is the responsible for ARXivar (software for document management), creating workflows (workflow) specifically for each department.
  3. IT: he solves technical problems of any kind related to tools and implements programs for the automation of procedures for any department. In addition, for some months now, he follows the virtual reality.

Languages: Italian, English

Innate qualities: reliability, patience and availability.

Skills acquired: competence

Hobbies/ peculiarities: playing the guitar, playing basketball and, instead of sleeping, he spends the nights together with video games.

Quotation: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”. A. Einstein

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