Comac automatic canning lines are manufactured according to our customers’ specific requirements, and can be selected among the most suitable solutions available in the range. Find out all their features.


Now that it was proven untrue that aluminum cans affect the taste of beer, aluminum packaging has taken hold at breweries and industries all around the world, and is likely here to stay. In fact, this material guarantees excellent stability when in contact with beverages, preserves them perfectly, and maintains their temperature longer than other materials.

What is the greatest advantage with this type of packaging? The quality of beer is preserved for a longer time while being protected from its worst enemy – the light.

If you have a brewing company, all you have to do is install a really efficient canning line and make your way into the market!

Comac is here to help: our can filling systems include automatic plants up to 4,000 cans/hour and automatic plants from 4,000 to 12,000 cans/hour.

Both options share several important features that make them highly competitive on the market. Let’s take a look at them.

A packaging system for cans of any size

Choose the containers that best represent your company, and your canning line will follow suit.

Comac canning systems are ideal for filling of cans made of tin and aluminum, which are both highly versatile and freely customizable.

What makes them special, however, is that they’re specifically designed to adapt to different formats without wasting precious production time, in order to make the most of a work day.

Can filling and seaming with zero waste

Not a single drop of your beer will go to waste, due to our highly-efficient canning system.

In addition to being fast and precise, our beer canning line is also fully respectful of the product.

During the seaming phase, beer cans are conveyed towards the rotating mandrels to have the lids sealed onto their bodies. There’s usually a high risk of beer spilling during this phase, especially between the filling and the sealing. With Comac machines, this waste is significantly reduced. More beer for you and your customers!

Packaging speed up to 12,000 cans/hour

Fill cans with beer in the blink of an eye, and give your production a boost.

 sistema riempimento lattine birra

When the market calls, your company needs to be ready to respond.

And while a beer canning line must be fast enough to sustain the set pace, speed must always be accompanied by precision, otherwise it’s just not worth the trouble.

Comac can offer both advantages with its efficient and high-performing machines, also due to its partnership with CFT Group.

Your beer canning line with Comac

As a manufacturer of automated systems since 1990, Comac offers machines that make the beer canning process much easier. Whether you’re a producer of beer, wine or soft drinks, we care about your product and your business, and do everything we can to guarantee the best results.

In addition to providing you with efficient tools, we also guarantee 24-hour support, 6 days a week, to avoid needless production stoppage in the event of malfunction.

Check out all Comac solutions and ask for an appointment with our team of professionals.

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