An ever-increasing number of companies in the beverage industry choose to package their products in cans. However, one of the biggest concerns among production managers is that the beverages will somehow lose their quality during and after the can filling process. With Comac cutting-edge beverage canning machines, you will never have this problem. Find out why.


A canning machine designed by experts can be your best ally in satisfying your customers’ palate to the full. You look after the recipe, and Comac will take care of the beverage taste until the can is opened.

Here are the main features of Comac models, which allow to keep the qualities of any drink intact.

Beverage canning machines designed in the tiniest detail

Each part is conceived to preserve the beverage features during canning.

Comac automatic machines for filling and seaming of aluminum cans are highly reliable, made with quality materials and designed to achieve advanced performance.

Available under several models, based on the customer hourly productivity, all machinery is provided with a filling system equipped with isobaric valves (or gravity valves, as for the Smartcan model) and a seaming system installed on a single structure, with stainless steel perimeter guards.

Picture: Smartcan 8-1 – 3,000 cans/hour gravity canning system 

Safe and easily sanitized systems

Maximum hygiene has a significant impact on maintaining the quality of beverages.

Use of high-quality materials on all Comac plants allows for corrosion-resistant machinery, making them highly safe against a risk of contamination.

Each process operated by a monoblock machine is carried out under the best hygienic conditions. Machines can be sanitized and cleaned, if necessary, due to a set of dummy cans, which come included with the equipment.

Flawless can filling and seaming

All packaging phases are carried out following high standards for the detection of faults.

Each step is implemented to ensure maximum quality due to devices designed to save money and time, preventing any product waste. All machines are equipped with systems that avoid any leakage of beverage from the filling valves if one or more cans are not on the line. Furthermore, the seaming phase is so accurate that the beverage cannot be spilt.

Possibility of nitrogen injection in cans

An inert gas will protect the product from decay until consumption.

Protecting beverage taste and flavor is easy, with food grade nitrogen. By replacing the oxygen, the gas prevents the beverage oxidation, while maintaining its stability, thus increasing the shelf life.

Comac cares about your product, which is why it does its best to guarantee optimum results each day.

Ask for an appointment with our professionals to find out about Comac complete range of products.

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