Let’s keep on unveiling the machines that Comac will bring at Drinktec 2017. Today we talk about two absolute innovations in our range and both of them are Comac patented: the Microleaks detection system for keg lines and the Brushless valve for bottles and cans.

[/vc_column_text][vc_images_carousel images=”17474,17482,17490″ img_size=”large”][vc_column_text]Let’s keep on unveiling the machines that Comac will bring at Drinktec 2017. Today we talk about two  absolute innovations in our range and both of them are Comac patented: the Microleaks detection system for keg lines and the Brushless valve for bottles and cans.

The purpose of the system for kegs is to detect any micro-leakage of CO2 from a pressurized keg.

At present, the technologies that are implemented allow to detect CO2 leakages via viewing systems or systems that monitor the differential pressure. The patented technology that Comac introduces, in cooperation with FT System company, offers higher precision and sensitivity compared to the means previously described.

Moreover, the machine is capable to handle all types of kegs, in stainless steel or plastic, with all fittings. With its modular architecture, the machine can be supplied and/or embedded in a pre-existing line. In both cases, the machine is equipped with its own PLC and a system for data, statistics and trend management easily accessible by the final customer. As for all Comac machines, this as well can be provided with remote assistance.

As far as the new brushless valve is concerned, it is suitable to fill bottles and cans.

The main feature of the valve is the presence of an electric cylinder (driven by a servo motor) in the upper part. The purpose of this cylinder is to move the filling valve spool.

At different height positions of this spool correspond the different phases of the filling cycle (vacuum, flushing, pressurization, filling, etc.). In other words, the electric cylinder moves the spool of the filling valve opening and closing the different passages.

This innovation allows to remove all the common pneumatic piston valves normally used on all the bottles and cans filling valves. Each standard filling valve normally mounts 3 to 6 pneumatic valves, so it means hundreds of valves used in a single monoblock, which can be eliminated with the new Comac filling valve.

Another important advantage is the almost complete removal of the pneumatic air consumption from the monoblock in advantage of the electric feeding. Consequence of what above mentioned is a high reduction of the maintenance timing and cost; the valve is also lighter than the standard ones and more compact.

As always, if you are curious to visit Comac stand at Drinktec, you will find us at Hall B4, Booth 306 and, waiting for the fair, keep an eye on our blog and Facebook official page!


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