Are you looking for a canning line manufacturer? Here’s why you should choose Comac

Doing business is our mission, doing it well means doing it together: customers, collaborators, company. Since 1990, one project after another, Comac has managed to establish itself on the international beverage market, installing its systems at producers all over the world. Yet, this is only the beginning. Giving the right boost to your business by […]

Which keg filler is right for your company? Some tips from Comac experts

Comac designs and manufactures different types of keg filling systems based on the type of production. Which keg is best for your company? All you need to know are your “numbers”. There is a myriad of variables to consider when selecting the perfect kegs for your company: the size of your company, the type of beverage to […]

Is a beer canning system a really strategic choice? Here’s why

Many major brewing industries have chosen to can their products, sometimes at the same time as bottling. But is it really worth investing in canning machines for your brewery? Without beating around the bush: the answer is yes, for several reasons. The thought that canned beer is of lower quality is a thing of the […]

Pasteurizers, these unknown plants!

The word “pasteurization” refers to the thermal process (a combination of time and temperature) used to inactivate potentially pathogen microorganisms, thus increasing product shelf life in complete safety. In principle, craft beers do not require pasteurization as they are usually distributed on a limited market, which is normally not far from their production site, and therefore consumed […]