Comac designs and manufactures different types of keg filling systems based on the type of production. Which keg is best for your company? All you need to know are your “numbers”.


There is a myriad of variables to consider when selecting the perfect kegs for your company: the size of your company, the type of beverage to be kegged, the number of workers available, and more.

The most important variable to be considered, however, is the number of kegs per hour you want to process. The rest can be easily adapted to your production needs.

Comac designs and manufactures semi-automatic and automatic keg filling systems for any format. The systems, designed to process stainless steel kegs, can also be tailored to process one-way plastic kegs.

But which system is best for you? Let’s take a look at each.

Semi-automatic keg filling systems

The most suitable keg fillers for medium-small productions.

In the photo: a component of the 38 KPH keg line.

Compact, reliable and customizable, medium-small production systems cover a range from 15 to 40 kegs/hour.

These are semi-automatic solutions in which operators need only handle the kegs.

A single structure, entirely made of stainless steel, supports washing solution tanks, processing heads, centrifugal pumps, the electrical panel and all the pipes, making the system very compact (and therefore also suitable for confined spaces).

A system designed for medium-small productions is absolutely not less performing than those for large companies: both the technology and the components used to make this type of machinery are the same as those used in high productivity plants.

Automatic keg filling systems

The keg fillers for medium-large productions.

For productions ranging from 40 to 250 kegs/hour

In the photo: keg washer-filler for 60 KPH systems

These systems are designed to automatically wash, fill and handle kegs.

The type and number of machines that make up the system vary according to the production needs of the customers and the complexity of the system itself and include keg control or processing functions.

Also in this case, the technology and components used to make this type of system are the same as those used in high productivity machines.

For productions over 250 kegs/hour

In the photo: HS6T high-speed automatic line.

When it comes to producing in large quantities, Comac offers the fastest and highest performance solutions in the sector, with keg systems designed to automatically perform all the necessary operations.

The machines available in our range allow you to cover a range from 250 kegs/hour to over 1000 kegs/hour

The quality of Comac kegging systems

Why choose our kegging systems.

Why choose Comac to add one or more keg fillers to your plant? Let’s start with the basics: we use excellent steel to create our machines and maintain high quality standards.

What really makes the difference, however, is that we offer you excellent workmanship, high efficiency in your plant and uninterrupted production.

And what’s the icing on the cake? We deliver our versatile and customizable systems in a short time, at the latest in 5 months (for keg fillers dedicated to medium-small productions even just 3 weeks).

Do you have a project and want to start with your small production? Comac helps you with long term rent

We help you get one or more keg fillers.

Comac cares about the passion that entrepreneurs put into their creations, especially when it comes to start-ups. For this reason , we decided to introduce the long rent formula for our keg fillers dedicated to medium-small productions.

With this solution you can have an excellent keg filler, spare parts and 24/7 service. If your business has some difficulties, you can return it without any problem.

Tell us about your project, Comac will help you make sure it works.

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