Crafting is beautiful, also and especially in the world of beers. Comac knows that perfectly as, since 2011, through the 4SizeS project, dedicates a special attention to the needs of craft brewing companies, when it comes of kegging and bottling.

birrifici artigianali

Crafting is beautiful, also and especially in the world of beers. Comac knows that perfectly as, since 2011, through the 4SizeS project, dedicates a special attention to the needs of craft brewing companies, when it comes of kegging and bottling. Building on its experience gained on the difficult American market, where the art of craft beer has been a tradition for decades, Comac continues to keep quality level high, also towards this kind of small companies. The latest news on the sector is the increasingly extensive use of plastic kegs as containers.

A confirmation of this trend comes from one of the recent surveys by Confartigianato (The Italian Confederation of Skilled Crafts) where it resulted that Italian families spend 1,523 million Euros a year for craft beers. In the wake of this success,. the number of producers over the last three years has been constantly growing. According to data from Confartigianato, there has been an increase by 61.8% meaning that, every 11 days,a new craft brewing company is started in Italy.

This data is encouraging, although the American market keeps growing at such an incredible pace, if compared to our country: in the US, 2 craft brewing companies are started a day. The Italian system, on the economic and financial level, does not offer instruments efficient enough to encourage the starting of microcompanies. Any improvement, from this perspective, would help the birth of new activities and the development of a new entrepreneurial spirit in the sector, as it happens overseas.

Lombardy, where Comac is headquartered, is however the region in our country that sees the highest number of this kind of companies, followed by Sicily, Campania, Veneto and Emilia-Romagna.

Craft beer therefore is good, offers new job opportunities and is also healthy, as we have already written in some other posts of our blog. Confartigianato agrees as well: the Confederation has pointed out that, due to the ever increasing attention to traditional techniques and genuine raw materials, the percentage of Italian people affected by obesity is dropping, with the value at 9.8% for 2015, compared to 10.3% recorded in 2014, well below the average of European countries (16.7%)

Are you as well a fan of craft beers? Why? What would you do to improve the sector?  Tell us below in the comments or visit our Facebook page!

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