From barrels, to keg and now one-way keg: why do they have a strong appeal?

Strong, green and able of ensuring a total integrity to the product. Who and why choosing One-Way Kegs? It ‘s really interesting to note the emergence of innovative and different solutions for a gesture – drafting a beer at the pub – which has remained unchanged for a long time. No more wooden barrels, at […]

Christmas Beers: special editions and new tastes to be discovered

Initially the seasonal and spicy beers were consumed within the family but, over the years, the Christmas Beers began to be appreciated all over the World. Here we are, once again, close to Christmas and, in addition to the brightly lights and various decorations, the typical fragrance of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, honey, chocolate, raisins, dried […]

Alternative uses of beer

Maybe anybody doesn’t know that beer can have several and interesting uses. Maybe anybody doesn’t know that beer can have several and interesting uses. One of the most unusual but functional use of the cans of beer is definitely the one adopted to achieve the thermal insulation of a house. The cartons for egg are used for sound […]

Microbreweries and labels: a green and economic solution

It’s called laser engraving and, in long term, it will be the labeling system that allows microbreweries (and not only), cut costs and reduce to zero the environmental impact. The labels, applied to the bottles, have been always considered an integral part of the product itself. We do not consider them as a simple rectangle […]

Printing of labels: a 400 years old history

From the manual incision technology to the digital inkjet one: the printing of labels through four centuries of history. The labels are one of the most important communication system for promoting a product and making it recognizable among many others: an indisputable role played by this advertising tool. But when the labels were born and […]

Can versus bottles: which is your best?

In the estimation between aluminum and glass, the beer industry seems to be taking a definite direction. Cans or bottles? Good question. This is one of the issues that has always divided the opinion of consumers and producers of beer (and other drinks). And, of course, the answers change depending on the different points of view. For […]

Craft beer and spicy cuisine: a perfect pairing

If it is true that we are used to hear about matching food and wine, it is equally true that beer, when associated with certain flavors, in an unexpected way, can enrich the flavor of many dishes. Which is the best matching that highlights the five senses? Although there are no tough and fixed rules […]

The fifth taste: UMAI

UMAI! Exclaims a Japanese person when tastes something really yummy, delicious, appetizing, exciting for the palate…in short: GOOD! UMAI is one of the first word that Japanese children learn and it recalls all the pleasure of a good tasty food. If at the adjective UMAI you add the noun MI (flavor, taste), the word UMAMI is done..Such a […]