Comac, bottling machine suppliers since 1990

Since its establishment, Comac has succeeded, one year after another, in emerging on the international beverage market by installing its systems at the plants of the biggest brands. Find about our bottling solutions, and who has already entrusted us with supplying a complete system. Experience in the beverage sector is just the first aspect that […]

Automatic canning machine: for beer, soft drinks, and more! The latest trends in cans

Systems with automatic canning machines are generally used by large breweries or makers of carbonated soft drinks or energy drinks. The new versatile models allow to explore new horizons while expanding production. Here are two of the latest trends in cans to be followed. In one way or another, companies need to adapt their production […]

Are you looking for a canning line manufacturer? Here’s why you should choose Comac

Doing business is our mission, doing it well means doing it together: customers, collaborators, company. Since 1990, one project after another, Comac has managed to establish itself on the international beverage market, installing its systems at producers all over the world. Yet, this is only the beginning. Giving the right boost to your business by […]