Comac, bottling machine suppliers since 1990

Since its establishment, Comac has succeeded, one year after another, in emerging on the international beverage market by installing its systems at the plants of the biggest brands. Find about our bottling solutions, and who has already entrusted us with supplying a complete system. Experience in the beverage sector is just the first aspect that […]

Drink bottling: the best machines for hard seltzers

Hard seltzers, the moderately alcoholic drinks with relatively few calories, are today among the most substantial and popular market trends. If you want rush headlong into them, make sure you have a bottling system ready to keep up with the new production pace and guarantee a high quality for your drinks. Comac can provide all-inclusive […]

Beer kegging lines: why choosing an automatic machine

Adding automatic machines to beer kegging lines is a choice that allows to increase productivity and quality of work. Here are the main advantages offered by Comac automatic kegging lines. If you own or work for a brewery, even a small one, a kegging line that automatically performs all the functions is the perfect solution […]

Beer packaging machinery: a Comac design for Carlsberg in Sweden

A Carlsberg brewery in Sweden has recently inaugurated a new canning, bottling and kegging line designed by Comac and Rolec, both companies of the CFT group. The plant will be able to produce about 5 million liters of beer per year, highly focusing on aluminum can sustainability. On October 22, 2020, the Nya Carnegiebryggeriet craft brewery officially […]

With Comac beverage canning machines, the quality of your beverage lasts longer. Here’s how.

An ever-increasing number of companies in the beverage industry choose to package their products in cans. However, one of the biggest concerns among production managers is that the beverages will somehow lose their quality during and after the can filling process. With Comac cutting-edge beverage canning machines, you will never have this problem. Find out […]

Who are the best manufacturers of bottling equipment? Those who provide these features

What strengths should a manufacturer of industrial bottling equipment have? To be sure of working with an excellent supplier, evolution, high efficiency and guaranteed service are some of the requirements to be taken into consideration. Comac provides all these features and many more. In a world where everyone promises exceptional results, choosing a manufacturer of bottling equipment that best […]

Cans, bottles and kegs: which should you choose? The different types of beverage packaging and their benefits

The sturdiness of kegs, the lightness of aluminum, or the sustainability of glass? In beverage packaging there’s no absolute winner, just various alternatives that are more or less better suited to a company’s products and sales goals. Let’s take a look at the strengths of the three main types of packaging used by Comac’s packaging […]

The features of a beer canning line from Comac

Comac automatic canning lines are manufactured according to our customers’ specific requirements, and can be selected among the most suitable solutions available in the range. Find out all their features. Now that it was proven untrue that aluminum cans affect the taste of beer, aluminum packaging has taken hold at breweries and industries all around […]

How an automated bottle filling machine improves your brand and environmentally-friendly footprint

Improved perceived quality, recycling bottles and enhancing your corporate image: the installation of an automated bottle filling machine in your factory reaps these and many other business benefits. Take a closer look with Comac. There is an ever-increasing number of leading beverage brands who are going “back to glass” to convert their product lines into […]

Freshness meets sustainability – Comac kegging system for Free Flow Wines

Free Flow Wines, the Californian start-up that already boasts an impressive production capacity, chose the reliability and precision of Comac kegging systems to reach its goals: supplying high quality wine on tap, while focusing on environmental sustainability. Here are the machines we chose to create a highly efficient kegging system. Photo credits: Free Flow Wines […]