Advantages of an isobaric craft beer bottling line

Isobaric filling systems are mainly designed to bottle carbonated products, however they can also be used for any beverage, so much so that more and more breweries are choosing this bottling method. You too can choose Comac tailor-made proposals or bottling machines and benefit from their numerous advantages. With the growth of the craft beer […]

Beer and vinyl – A record (club) pair!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]   Record Clubs were so far a British exclusive – During the ’50s and the ’60s they would reach even the farthest places where there were no music shops. Nice story, you’ll say, but what is the tie between Comac world and this piece of news? That’s briefly said: there is a rebirth of Record Clubs and […]

Summer time: time for beers and festivals, parties and nights.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] In the fall of 2010, the Mediterranean diet has been recognized as cultural intangible heritage of the UNESCO.     The word “diet”, even in its Italian translation “dieta”, immediately brings to mind images of strict  diets: low calorie dishes, basically unseasoned, often sad, and aimed to get you to maintain a healthy and ideal weight .. […]

The Premix Unit makes your drinks more pleasant. Here’s the secret

A fine perlage makes the drink more pleasant for the palate ( and for the stomach ) and enhances the flavors. This is true for the champagne, and it is equally true for water and carbonated soft drinks. A fine perlage makes the drink more pleasant for the palate ( and for the stomach ) and enhances […]

One for all, all for beer…A barrel with friends!

What happens if some brewers agree to rendezvous in a brewery and create a “together beer”? What happens is that they definitely have fun and we rejoice in drinking something unique and choral. A legend runs that in 2004 Adam and Vinnie, respectively from Avery Brewing and Russian River Brewing, realized they baptized one of their […]

One-way keg system: discover our 1T-OW filling model

This is one of the Comac system presented to Drinktec 2013: it has got a great success and a lot of appreciation especially from the small craft breweries that are considering the possibility of using the one way plastic kegs to market their products. Tall, slender, strong, attractive and easily manageable. I’m not talking about […]

From barrels, to keg and now one-way keg: why do they have a strong appeal?

Strong, green and able of ensuring a total integrity to the product. Who and why choosing One-Way Kegs? It ‘s really interesting to note the emergence of innovative and different solutions for a gesture – drafting a beer at the pub – which has remained unchanged for a long time. No more wooden barrels, at […]

Christmas Beers: special editions and new tastes to be discovered

Initially the seasonal and spicy beers were consumed within the family but, over the years, the Christmas Beers began to be appreciated all over the World. Here we are, once again, close to Christmas and, in addition to the brightly lights and various decorations, the typical fragrance of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, honey, chocolate, raisins, dried […]

Automatic CIP units for washing and sanitizing any filling plant

How to clean and sterilize completely any kind of filling machines and reduce dramatically the risk of contamination. There are lots of big and small bottlers that every day have to face with the issue of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing their plants. As everybody knows, in the beverage industry, as well as in the food […]

Microbreweries and labels: a green and economic solution

It’s called laser engraving and, in long term, it will be the labeling system that allows microbreweries (and not only), cut costs and reduce to zero the environmental impact. The labels, applied to the bottles, have been always considered an integral part of the product itself. We do not consider them as a simple rectangle […]