Complete beverage bottling lines: Comac solutions

You can have a tailor-made plant, ready to meet your every requirement, thanks to Comac complete beverage bottling lines. Having a complete, fully automatic beverage bottling line can make a real difference during the production process. Based on the type of beverage to be bottled and the size of the bottling section, Comac is able to offer a […]

Comac microbrewery plants: flexible and customizable

The microbrewery sector has long been one of the most interesting beer sectors and Comac, always attentive to market trends, has been focusing on this sector for some time. Discover our microbrewery plants, designed to be turn-key installed in small and medium-sized businesses. Brewing beer has become enormously popular in recent years, involving thousands of […]

Plants for craft breweries, here you are 3 proposals by Comac

When the beer has to be filled in small amounts is essential to choose the right system. Thanks to a compact and reliable solution, even the craft brewers can keep costs down without sacrificing the quality of the beer produced and of the plant… When the beer has to be filled in small amounts is […]

Keg washing and filling plant model 1T

At the beginning of the nineties was born that plant saw that even today, almost 25 years later, is the most reliable partner for the craft-breweries… At the beginning of the nineties was born that plant saw that even today, almost 25 years later, is the most reliable partner for the craft-breweries… Some clues just to […]

Craft beers: absence of denominations and rules…

The phenomenon of craft beers is now a worldwide phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire: the pioneers were the Americans where some craft – breweries have now become perhaps more famous than the industrial ones. I’m not talking about wine, nor food, where today the denominations and especially the rules are very tight, but I am […]

Craft brewers conference 2014

Thousands of people involved in the beer industry at international level do not miss this event that is not only a business opportunity, but also a place of knowledge, exchange of points of views and experiences. Furthermore, it become the birthplace of new and interesting collaborations between different brewers. 21 years ago, in a small […]

Pasteurizers, these unknown plants!

The word “pasteurization” refers to the thermal process (a combination of time and temperature) used to inactivate potentially pathogen microorganisms, thus increasing product shelf life in complete safety. In principle, craft beers do not require pasteurization as they are usually distributed on a limited market, which is normally not far from their production site, and therefore consumed […]

One-way keg system: discover our 1T-OW filling model

This is one of the Comac system presented to Drinktec 2013: it has got a great success and a lot of appreciation especially from the small craft breweries that are considering the possibility of using the one way plastic kegs to market their products. Tall, slender, strong, attractive and easily manageable. I’m not talking about […]

Printing of labels: a 400 years old history

From the manual incision technology to the digital inkjet one: the printing of labels through four centuries of history. The labels are one of the most important communication system for promoting a product and making it recognizable among many others: an indisputable role played by this advertising tool. But when the labels were born and […]